illumination cube
(16 kodak hawkeye c. 1960s-70s)
hanging piece with LED illuminated flash units and top and bottom blue lighting. hangs  by cable wire and pulleys and power plug to standard wall socket (12"x18"X18")

(side view)
Twenty five 1920s black box cameras mounted in the style of a Japanese paper door. The cameras convert images to paper much as the thin paper of a Shoji reflects the shadows of light of people, nature, the world as a black and white profile. Measurements below are of main body of piece.
(side - view) 
The light weight pieces of interlaced wood rise in a cross-hatch seemingly supporting the cameras in air - displaying in a gentle arc from side-to-side and top to bottom. Measurements below are the length longest vertical and horizontal wood. (53"x30"x12")
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