vintage camera objects

selected vintage cameras mounted to mixed media art piece

(c. 1960s-70s)
pigment, paint, resin, fiberglass cloth on wood with black frame (26"X26")
Twenty five 1920s black box cameras mounted in the style of a Japanese paper door. The cameras convert images to paper much as the thin paper of a Shoji reflects the shadows of light of people, nature, the world as a black and white profile. Measurements below are of main body of piece.
shoji (sideview)
The light weight pieces of interlaced wood rise in a cross-hatch seemingly supporting the cameras in air - displaying in a gentle arc from side-to-side and top to bottom. Measurements below are the length longest vertical and horizontal wood.(53"x30"x12")
kodak duaflex II (c. 1950-54) & kodak 100/104 instamatic cameras (c.1960s)
pigment, paint, resin, fiberglass cloth on wood with recycled metal frame (24"X24")

rainbow of stars
kodak brownie reflex, starflash, starflex, starluxe, starmatic, starmite (c. 1950s-1960s)
pigment, paint, paper on wood (24"X48")

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